Crisis is a natural occurrence in life: before
each step there must come imbalance 
first, to help us allow the change.

Thus Crisis Is Good, because it means that:
A) I have to move ON, embrace the new,
B) I am ready and fully prepared to do so. 

Seize the opportunity & take responsibility!
Unleash / experience the next level of you!




Steve’s „Map of Life for the Human Journey” is based on his 15+ years of consulting experience helping people to cope with crisis – these are the milestones of hundreds of human stories.

Life really is a game in his view… an infinite one in fact. Out of challenges come experiences, out of experiences learnings that we can capitalize on (and enjoy the benefits of), until the next challenge occurs. Suffering comes from our desire for a safe harbor, to settle down, take control, reduce risks, stop changing – suffering comes from the illusion (arrogance) that we could control life, that we could quit the game. Secret to happiness is to Play On to reach higher and higher leveles!

“I have helped over a thousand people in crisis, and have yet to see an exemption from these milestones”

The Ego's


The first version of the map (see above) was published in 2015, and it was too much for most people. Thus in 2020 Steve came up with a new version, that is an evolution of The Hero’s Journey.

This simplified version of the map

  1. merges the 6 sections of the original map into 3 big epochs
  2. shows the mid-life transformation as a great depth where one needs to integrate desires / face the shadow of the soul  
  3. has separate versions for the Man’s Journey, the Woman’s Journey, as well as Worldview and Faith Evolution
  4. has proven to be much more accessible / inviting for beginners of the inner journey



Steve’s experience (and thus conviction)  is that in our modern times it is inevitable for most people to fall into the trap of self-centredness, that is self-love, that is the wrong kind of love – that is the opposite of the Right love that is the Love of God.

He came to the conclusion, that (1) modern individuals can not be saved from their desires, but instead (2) he can help them choose their personal Hell, in order to (3) faster reach the turning pont of the Prodigal Son, back to the Father. Hence the latest version of the map – to be used in religious settings.

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On midlife crisis, burnout, breakdowndepression, marital calamitiesaddictions transformation (!), that in fact is A) natural occurrence, B) the greatest single opportunity in our life, for not less but MORE happiness, C) only a result of our own postponing changes that we should have embraced.

“In order to fly we first have to fall to pick up speed. A New You will rise from the abyss! With purpose & power… I promise.



EGO YOGA method

The Human Journey model can and should be used as a personal development tool. Steve & Co. put 7 years of development work into perfecting the Ego Yoga method, that is “The Art of Traversing The Journey”. They identified 5 big milestones, that divide the human life experience into a journey of 6 stages within three big epochs. He and his team developed courses and launched a membership community to help practitioners better understand and faster reach the milestones on can hit in life to obtain & ensure lasting happiness amid constantly changing circumstances. 



Steve’s online courses consist of thorough explanations of the stages of the Journey (to better understand the challenge one is facing) and detailed instructions on specific actions (to effect change and thus reach resolution). The courses focus on career as well as relationship challenges, and hundreds of people prove them valuable. The online courses are complemented by Zoom workshops to also provide peer support and experience based personal advice, from a facilitator who has already solved similar situation.



Regular group meetings for channelling life experiences of the more experienced individuals to the bold new generations have served humanity well for millennia. We strongly believe that having a support group is a prerequisite for the well functioning individual, thus lasting social balance in general. Steve launched a members only community for experience based sharing. Our ONE rule is: only comment with your experiences, in your opinions and speculations we are not interested. We empower average people to launch support groups for others in topics they had already solved. The EgoYoga Community nurtures a growing number of Woman’s Circles as well as an evolving Club for Man. Our groups meet in person. 


700+ videos

The Ego Yoga approach was so new, and questions so many that instead of replying everybody  one by one in writing it seemed easier for Steve to occasionally make 10-20 min. video responses. Facebook Live was new. The first video appeared on Nov 14, 2015 – and more than 700 have followed since. Much experience has been shared. 



Humania is Marketplace for Life Experiences and The Platform for Building New Life as Helper.

We enable people to (1) share their experiences, and build experience catalog, (2) search other people’s experiences and safely connect strangers, (3) offer gated access to their person for mentoring, (4) organise IRL peers support groups. 

Problems we solve:

(1) How & Who can I help with my life experiences? – (2) How can I find & connect strangers with for me relevant life experiences? – (3) How can I build a mentor network to better serve my following? – (4) How can I easily approach the person I respect for a mentoring relationship? – (5) How could I show off my relationship to my mentor, and benefit from his/her credibility?

Humania brings life experiences to market, like Airbnb did beds.

Our mission is to fight human disconnection by empowering people to offer their attention and experiences to strangers easily and safely. Our vision is a world where all people help each other by being accessible on clear terms. 

We want to serve 1 billion people by opening up a huge new market of experience based help as an alternative to professional services.

Team is experienced, GTM is B2B first, targeting influencers. We incorporated in Delaware, raised an angel round from private individuals, develop from Hungary. We (soft) launched on 19th May, users are happy, have early revenue, and are currently are in the process of raising our Seed round.



Human isolation is one of the great challenges of our age. Be a part of the solution, help build a connected future – offer your attention to strangers, the world needs your experience!

We think that it is not the people, who are the problem, but the rules of the social games they play. People are lured into “free” games that rewards poses, one sidedness, dishonesty and lies about our life. While their attention is being manipulated and sold to advertisers.

Humania is a better game.

1. Be Accessible! – your experiences & knowledge have instant value to other people who now have similar challenges to what you have already solved, be there for them, it is gratifying to help

2. Empower Mentees! – mentor the mentors who can help many more people than you could on your own, our service is also well suited for individuals with large follwing and apprentices.

3. Make Money! – you can offer your experiences for free, or ask for money. Decide your preferred channel (Zoom or messaging or combined), make mentoring packages, set the price!


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I. Life of Contradictions

I was born into the old elites of the dead world of feudalism – grew up in the worst possible neighborhood of socialist Budapest, yet still with a maid – have amazing talent to lead and for managing wealth in a time when we were stripped of all wealth to manage – studied history and went to law school, yet dropped out to build my .com company at age 24 – lived and could have stayed in the US, but could not grow roots there – am from Hungary but resent the provincialism of the local environment – built a market leading eCMS software and later an online favors market that scaled to several countries, yet became an expert in helping people in crisis – developed a personal development method, that most people don’t understand – have a large following who think I am a guru, because they do not really see me – consider myself a social innovator, a term nobody uses – do see the future and was proven right several times, yet find it hard to convince my contemporaries – am now building a truly global platform from the fringes of the fringes of the Western World Order, that is Hungary in relationship to the EU to the US. 

II. Personal Mission 

I want to help as many people as possible to (1) better understand the human journey, (2) cope with natural transformation that is happening to all of us mid-life: the Quest for Meaning, (3) empower people to show their real self honestly, and (4) be available for others with their experiences, so that (5) humanity can gradually reconnect, and be one.

III. Message

Depression, burnout, anxiety, relationship crisis, loneliness, addiction, alcohol and porn – I did it all, and they all turned out to be symptoms of the ONE challenge I was not facing:

Who am I?
Who am I really?

A better life awaits.
If only we let go of the old.

Have courage – you CAN do this!



The White Rabbit podcast is new. It only has ONE episode. 


Steve has also been making public videos for ten years. He did this in Hungarian, and is also intending to make English language videos… except if Google AI is good enough really really soon. 

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